Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Choosing The Right Receipt Printer

pos receipt printer

A point of sale system is used by any business to make the task of sales monitoring efficient for the store managers. Several parts work in coordination to generate data, transactions, and provide access to it. One such component is a receipt printer. The receipt printer is basically responsible for printing out a bill for the customers after they get all their purchases checked out. This bill bears the list of products bought, their prices, and the total payable. The receipt printed out from the printer thus makes the tallying of products easy at the check-out counter.

The Compatibility With POS Peripherals

The receipt printers directly connected with the cash drawers coordinates with it for payments. The printing of the receipt from the receipt printer prompts the cash drawers to open and receive cash deposits. This coordination makes it vital for a receipt printer to be connected and compatible with the cash drawer. Inturn the receipt printer needs to be in coordination with the entire POS system and all of its hardware components. Therefore, choosing a receipt printer that fits well with the Point of sale system is necessary.

Quality Of Prints

The receipt printed from the printer bears essential information. It, therefore, needs to be of high quality and resolution. The quality depends on the suitability of the paper rolls used with the printer. Thus, in addition to choosing an efficient printer, attention needs to be given to the choice of the paper roll. Many printer manufacturers provide information about what types of paper rolls to use for good quality prints from the printer.

The Wait Time Before Prints

The last thing that any store needs are to lose customer satisfaction with their store. During billing, if the receipt print takes a lot of time in printing the receipt, the wait time per customer increases. The customer at the counter may face some inconvenience because of the waiting time. The customers waiting in line also suffer impatience if it takes too long to get the billing done. Choosing receipt printers that print at high speed and keeps up with the numerous print commands at a short time difference is vital.

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Benefits Of POS Bundle For Business Efficiency

pos hardware bundles

Point of Sale system has become one of the most relied upon store administration and management tool today. Many retailers and shop owners prefer to use a POS system to keep track of all the activities at their stores. These activities may include keeping an inventory of the products available, monitoring payment transactions, and preparing customer bills.

Several features are available with the POS system, which in turn requires a certain set of hardware and software components. To get cost-effective purchase options, many POS bundles are available in the market.

While planning to buy a POS bundle, the following things need to be kept in mind

Features Required By The Store

As mentioned previously, the POS system comes with numerous features. It is more likely that different types of the store would require different features. For example, a retail store would require a barcode scanner, but a restaurant wouldn’t. However, both would require a cash drawer to keep the money paid by the customers.

Therefore while choosing to buy a POS bundle, these needs must be determined beforehand. In this manner, retailers and shop owners can purchase a POS system at very effective rates.

Type of POS System To Choose

Based on software, there are two types of POS systems that can be integrated with the hardware components. These are namely on Premise POS and Cloud POS. The difference in their functioning is in the manner in which it stores the entire data. In the case of on-premise POS, the data is stored and accessed at a local server.

Whereas in Cloud POS, data is stored, accessed, and managed at a cloud. The type of the POS system and related POS hardware bundles can be chosen depending on the size of the retail store.

Plans For Store Expansion

In most cases, a retail store has plans to expand based on the amount of profit made. In such a scenario POS system-related features, including hardware and software, may need to be updated. An expansion might mean an increase in several payment terminals to coordinate, more products in inventory, and multiple store coordination. For this, it is preferable to choose POS bundles that are easily scalable. For more detail, call our pos expert @ 0800 112 970

Friday, 11 October 2019

Benefits of Using the Perfect Cash Drawer for Your Retail Chain

cash drawer

Companies invest in different technologies to ensure that their business runs smoothly. Cash is one such thing in a business that needs to be controlled extensively. If there is even a small amount of cash missing from the business, then the loss could be huge. This is why businesses search for ways and technologies to manage their cash transactions effectively.

In the retail sector, cash is continuously moving, and this is why it needs to be kept safely. To ensure the safety of cash in the retail chain, cash drawers have been introduced which have several benefits.

Some of the benefits of using a cash drawer are mentioned below.

Cash Management

This a major benefit when it comes to the retail sector. The management of cash is very necessary, and this can be done well with the help of the cash drawer. The cash that is received during the transaction is kept in the cash drawer safely. Once the customer pays for the product that they are purchasing, the cash received by the employee is put into the cash drawer while the bill is extracted.

Holds Accountable

Another benefit of using cash drawers is that you have a person who can be held accountable for the cash. Someone who has the password can only open the cash drawer. Anyone else would not be able to open the cash drawer. This means if anything goes missing, then the management would know the exact person who could be held accountable for the same. Once the cash is placed into the drawer, it would get locked. It again has to be unlocked during the next transaction.

Reduce Theft

When the cash drawer is used to keep the money, there will be very few chances of theft. The cash drawer may be left unattended at some point which is why the security and safety of the drawer are necessary. The cash drawer has a locked system that cannot be opened by people who do not have the password.

These are the reasons why you need a cash drawer in your retail chain. There are many types of cash drawers that you can choose from based on the need of your business.

Monday, 9 September 2019

Things to Ask Yourself Before You Buy a Label Printer

pos label printers

Label printers have become a necessity in almost all business. You might go to the market to by a label printer, but it is very easy to get confused as there are various choices. There are several types of label printers that have emerged with the current time, and this could be a very hard decision to make.

There is a huge price range that is also involved when you choose your label printer. That is why you must consider certain things before you make your decision. These questions that you ask would help you in making the right choice.

The Brand of the Printer

This is the first thing that you have to ask yourself when you think about buying your label printer. There are several brands of label printers available in the market. If you are brand loyal, then you would know which to buy. However, if you are thinking about exploring new things, then you could assess the features of different brands and then make your choice.

The Technology to Be Used

Different technologies are used in a label printer, such as direct thermal or thermal transfer. You have to know the difference between these technologies so that you know which one you need. Your business might have some specific requirement, and this needs to be fulfilled. This is why make sure that the brand you choose has the technology that you need.

The Size of the Labels

Depending on your need, you will be able to assess the size that you need for your labels. Different products need different sizes of labels, and you need to see if the label printer would be able to fit the size that you require. This is a mandatory thing that needs to be checked.

The Support Provided By the Brand

This is another important thing that you have to ask yourself when you buy a label printer. This is because you need support from the company itself if you face any problems with your label printer. Make sure that the customer support section is always available and that you receive the needed help.

These are some of the things that you need to consider before you buy the label printer.  For more information, about deals on label printers, feel free to call our pos expert @ 0800112970          

Friday, 5 July 2019

Top Reasons To Invest In Label Printers

Label Printers are no doubt an important part of any POS system. They help to organize your work and also have other benefits as well. But what are the different kinds of label printers and which one is worthy of your investment? Here is a guide for you.

Different Kinds Of Label Printer

Electrophotography Label Printers (EP)
No liquid toners are used and the printing consists of dry printing. The technology used here is of laser type and has been in use for several years. However, the technology has now been upgraded and there are new label printers in the market that are easier to use and maintain as well.

Inkjet Label Printing

This label printer is using the advanced technology of digital label printing. They have liquid, aqueous inks that are used for the printing process. For their better printing precision, business owners and entrepreneurs all over the world are adopting these label printers.
Apart from these main types of label printers, new technologically enhanced printers are also being introduced in the markets. Label printers in New Zealand are often of advanced technology.

The Benefits:

  • Smooth Flow Of Work At Your Workplace- The label printers make your work free of any hassles. They are easy to operate as well. Hence, it is definitely worth your investment. 
  • Efficient Work- Label printers have the best quality of work. These printers will efficiently finish your work in no time at all so that you do not have to get involved manually. 
  • Savings Are Generated- These printers do not require any kind of maintenance from time to time. Hence, once you invest in them, they will not require any kind of service that will make a hole in your pocket. Hence, label printers are definitely cost-effective.
Label printers are of various kinds and have different benefits. They help you to customize your business labels according to your choice and requirements. Having a label printer helps you to dictate your business in your own terms without having to depend on a third party. Thus, invest in a good label printer soon.

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

What Are The Advantages Of A Cash Drawer In A Business?

Vpos EC410 Cash drawer

Cash management is one of the most important things that are considered in a business. It is necessary to know the financial status of a business and see if it is correct or not. There are a lot of cash transactions that are handled by a business. It is very important to keep an account of all the cash that comes in and goes out. This is where the work of a cash drawer comes in. Cash drawers are used to manage the cash in the right way so that there is no missing transaction or missing cash even for a small amount.

Helps In Managing the Cash
When a customer purchases any good or service they pay for it which is taken by the cashier and, in turn, the cashier may also have to give them change. The system of the cash drawer is such that it is combined with the billing system which helps in determining the amount of cash that the cashier has in the cash drawer at the moment.

Helps In Reducing Cash Fraud
The cash drawer has a lock which can be opened by the person in charge. No one else will get access to the cash drawer and therefore there will be no theft of money. The cashier in charge will open the cash drawer only when a customer pays the bill and the money needs to be kept or change needs to be given, after which the cash drawer will again be closed.

Helps In Determining Accountability of Cash
It is very important to know who is accountable for cash transactions. If there is an issue with the transactions, then the person in charge of the cash drawer would be held accountable. This makes it easy to keep a track of the transaction records and avoid any miscalculation or carelessness on the part of the cashier.

Helps in Cash Reconciliation
Cash reconciliation is determining the amount of cash when the business is closed. At the end of each day or shift of the cashier, they will e able to easily state the transaction amounts that have occurred during his shift.

Cash drawers are therefore an essential part of any business. Cash drawer in New Zealand is a must for every business, whether small, medium or big.

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Basic Types Of Label Printers That You Must Watch Out For

Label printers are a popular type of computer printer that manages to print on various ‘self-adhesive’ label materials and even on card stocks. This particular device comes down with built-in keywords as well as a display for its stand-alone purpose and is known as the label maker.

The label printers are quite different than all the other printers out there only due to its special mechanism that handles rolled stock or the ‘tear sheet stock’. Mostly it is used in various applications like packaging labels, supply chain management, fixed assets management, retail price marketing and so on.
Therefore, if you are willing to use label printers in your business operations, then you must have a clear idea of the different label printer types in the market.

Thermal Transfer Label Printers Are A Must Have

You would never regret the purchase of the thermal transfer label printers as they are known for their high quality and long-lasting labels. This type of label printers can range from a basic, entry-level, low-cost variant to the industrial grade.
In most cases, it has been observed that the industrial label printers are acquired by the companies that require professional high-quality settings for a large volume of label printing. Most of the thermal transfer printers make use of ink ribbons that are made up of resin, wax or the blend of both. You can also procure the color label printers as per your requirements.   

You Must Consider The Direct Thermal Label Printers

The use of direct thermal labels is usually picked up for affordability and also for the easy setting procedure of the entire label printer process. With the use of the direct thermal label printer, one can make sure that the labels are vibrant and easily readable by all the employees as well as customers. There are a few industries that prefer to opt for the wireless/mobile label printers for instant label printing purposes.

These printers come in a handy and compact structure, which is used for easy and quick procedures.  In fact, there are a few direct thermal label printers that have the capability to make a switch between thermal transfer printing and direct thermal printing.  For more detail, Call our pos expert@ 0800112970