Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Wide varieties of Receipt Printers at POS Central | New Zealand

 Many devices that are used in the environment of a point of sale system are Cash Registers, Cash Drawers, Barcode Scanners, Receipt Printers etc. every device is unique in its application.  A cash register is like a computer monitor which is attached to a cash drawer. This drawer is made of strong metal and has many compartments and sections in it. These sections are used to keep currency notes and coins. A particular section is used for notes and a particular slot is used to keep coins it. Apart from cash, a drawer also has the option to keep cheques and receipt in it. A particular section is provided for the same. This cash register along with cash drawer is connected with a barcode scanner and a receipt printer. This receipt printer is very useful and important as it gives the proof of transaction.
POS Central has advertised special receipt printers on which some special discount is offered by them. Posiflex PFPP8000, Citizen CIF2000E, Epson TM U230, Samsung Bixolon are some receipt printers that are offered at a discounted rate at POS Central.
A dot matrix is much needed in a POS system where speed matters the most.  This printer provides super-fast speed and is very effective in handling printing papers. The shipping of dot matrix printers of big brands like Citizen, Bixolon, Samsung, and Epson are done in the fastest mode by POS Central in New Zealand .
A wireless or mobile printer is a new age receipt printer. These printers are very handy, compact and lightweight. It is best suited for Mobile Payment applications and Mobile Ticketing. It has durable battery backup. It is best applied to print coupons and tickets. POS Central has a collection of Bixolon, Custom My Printer, Epson, and Star brand of the mobile receipt printer.
Kiosks printers are widely installed at movie theatres where people can themselves take print out of movie tickets. As the name suggest this receipt are installed at the various kiosk. Citizen and Custom are some brands that in the manufacturing of Kiosk printers and these brands are available at POS Central.
Many famous brands of thermal Receipt printers are available at POS Central in New Zealand. 
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