Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Cash registers are instrumental in rendering fast services to the customers

Today cash register is an electronic device widely used in a POS system. The cash register used for POS system is a replacement of old manual cash register. A sales clerk operates the cash register. The function of the cash register is to calculate the total number of items purchased by a customer. After totaling, it also exchanges the balance amount with a printed receipt of the transaction.

To keep the currency, a cash drawer is attached to the cash register. Normally a cash register is mounted over a cash drawer. The sales clerk opens this cash drawer and keeps the amount tendered by the customer whenever a transaction is done. If no balance is to be returned to the customer than cash register immediately prompt the receipt printer to print the receipt.

Departmental stores, shopping malls, grocery stores and many such stores are using cash registers broadly as it is one way to tender quick service to the customers. Whatever the number of items is purchased by a customer, there is no need to manually calculate it. This job is done by a cash register as it calculates the entire sale immediately without giving any break or wasting time.
With the help of cash register, the job of a cashier is much simplified. The cashier has to scan the products with the help of a barcode scanner to start the transaction. Once the items are scanned, its corresponding details will be displayed on the display terminal. Once all the items are scanned onto the system, the total amount to be paid will be displayed on the terminal. Once payment is done and balance is given to the customer, the same process will be started for another customer.

Cash register allows the entire transaction to take place in a sequence which saves a lot of time of both the customer and the clerk. 

Cash registers also store the inventory of each item purchased which print the record at the end of the day. This record shows the actual information on how much stock of a particular item is left at the store. This helps the business operator in making provision of the most saleable items.

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