Thursday, 30 November 2017

Intelligent POS System with Epson Receipt Printers

Epson T82II

Retail businesses rely completely on efficiency and management of the shop floor and inventory. This requires automation of the systems, especially the point of sale. It is quintessential to share the load with some trusted partners like having an automation services provider who could review your expectations from the system that would be installed at your POS. It is a big relief to have a wholesaler or supplier of office automation products as a trusted partner. You would find that their support is a classic in the way they share knowledge, assist you in making the right choices and offer end to end solution.

Since there is a host of products including a computer, monitor, receipt printer, card reader, and a barcode scanner, and further there are so many options for each category with a budget estimate from the business owner, the deciding factor should never cost alone. The key consideration should always be about the suitability and fulfillment of the need.

Receipt printers are pivotal for adding efficient and smooth operation to any POS system. They print a receipt of goods quickly for the customer or a credit card transaction receipt. They find their place in all places big and small - be it a restaurant or a café, or even if it is a big mall. They make the transactions easy and eliminate the chances of error.

The technology of printing has changed leaps and bounds from dot matrix to inkjet to thermal printing. Some of the leading brands offering these printers are (as per Wiki Review):

•    Excelvan
•    Star Micronics
•    SNBC
•    POS-X
•    Epson

Let’s look at the range of Epson receipt printers for a better know how.

Epson T20 series is no fuss, easy to use an economical range of thermal receipt printers. Epson TM-T20 comes with thermal line printing technology and is the best state of the art energy star qualified in this category. It is ergonomically designed and environmentally friendly with reduced CO2 footprint.

Epson T82II is yet another thermal receipt printer to pass the pressures of serving high flow of transactions smoothly. Its wall mount feature makes it adorable where space is a constraint.

Epson TM-U220B is equipped with impact printing technology. This makes it suitable for even kitchens and counters where receipts can be printed directly from even the mobile devices. Its compatibility with various platforms makes it the best option for quick printing.

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