Thursday, 30 November 2017

Intelligent POS System with Epson Receipt Printers

Epson T82II

Retail businesses rely completely on efficiency and management of the shop floor and inventory. This requires automation of the systems, especially the point of sale. It is quintessential to share the load with some trusted partners like having an automation services provider who could review your expectations from the system that would be installed at your POS. It is a big relief to have a wholesaler or supplier of office automation products as a trusted partner. You would find that their support is a classic in the way they share knowledge, assist you in making the right choices and offer end to end solution.

Since there is a host of products including a computer, monitor, receipt printer, card reader, and a barcode scanner, and further there are so many options for each category with a budget estimate from the business owner, the deciding factor should never cost alone. The key consideration should always be about the suitability and fulfillment of the need.

Receipt printers are pivotal for adding efficient and smooth operation to any POS system. They print a receipt of goods quickly for the customer or a credit card transaction receipt. They find their place in all places big and small - be it a restaurant or a café, or even if it is a big mall. They make the transactions easy and eliminate the chances of error.

The technology of printing has changed leaps and bounds from dot matrix to inkjet to thermal printing. Some of the leading brands offering these printers are (as per Wiki Review):

•    Excelvan
•    Star Micronics
•    SNBC
•    POS-X
•    Epson

Let’s look at the range of Epson receipt printers for a better know how.

Epson T20 series is no fuss, easy to use an economical range of thermal receipt printers. Epson TM-T20 comes with thermal line printing technology and is the best state of the art energy star qualified in this category. It is ergonomically designed and environmentally friendly with reduced CO2 footprint.

Epson T82II is yet another thermal receipt printer to pass the pressures of serving high flow of transactions smoothly. Its wall mount feature makes it adorable where space is a constraint.

Epson TM-U220B is equipped with impact printing technology. This makes it suitable for even kitchens and counters where receipts can be printed directly from even the mobile devices. Its compatibility with various platforms makes it the best option for quick printing.

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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Simplified receipt printing solution can be achieved using wireless receipt printer

Mobile/Wireless Receipt Printer
Bixolon Thermal Receipt printer

The retail business environment has benefitted a lot with the computer driven and computer controlled latest devices that are widely used in businesses. Fast services and speedy transaction process are what attracts a large number of customers to modern supermarkets, grocery stores, shopping malls etc. the latest technologically sound devices have benefitted both the business entities and the customers. The business operators get the chance of catering the demands of more number of customers in lesser time which helps in increasing the customer base of the business. Whereas the customers get the wonderful opportunity to have access to different types of products under one roof and they also experience better hospitality services and fast transaction process. Whatever purchase is made by the customer, it is all recorded in the form of a printed receipt that the customer can keep with him for future reference in case of any issue arises.

This facility of the keeping record of the transaction is provided with the help of Receipt Printers which is one of the most sought after device in a modern retail point of sale system. In restaurants, the receipt printers serve the dual purpose. When the customer places his order for any item, he is given a printed receipt with the order number mentioned on the slip. While the customer waits for his order, one copy of the order slip is given to the kitchen to inform the cook to prepare the requested item for the waiting customer. Thousands of transactions are done in a single day at most of the retail outlets and every transaction is recorded in the computer system and every customer is given a printed receipt for his transaction.

To carry out such a large number of transactions on a daily basis, very good quality of Receipt Printers must be installed in retail outlets. To ease the transaction process these devices are also coming in the form of Mobile or Wireless Receipt Printers which can be carried to anywhere and gives the facility of cash on a delivery system where payment is made when the product is delivered at the customer’s doorstep.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Cash registers are instrumental in rendering fast services to the customers

Today cash register is an electronic device widely used in a POS system. The cash register used for POS system is a replacement of old manual cash register. A sales clerk operates the cash register. The function of the cash register is to calculate the total number of items purchased by a customer. After totaling, it also exchanges the balance amount with a printed receipt of the transaction.

To keep the currency, a cash drawer is attached to the cash register. Normally a cash register is mounted over a cash drawer. The sales clerk opens this cash drawer and keeps the amount tendered by the customer whenever a transaction is done. If no balance is to be returned to the customer than cash register immediately prompt the receipt printer to print the receipt.

Departmental stores, shopping malls, grocery stores and many such stores are using cash registers broadly as it is one way to tender quick service to the customers. Whatever the number of items is purchased by a customer, there is no need to manually calculate it. This job is done by a cash register as it calculates the entire sale immediately without giving any break or wasting time.
With the help of cash register, the job of a cashier is much simplified. The cashier has to scan the products with the help of a barcode scanner to start the transaction. Once the items are scanned, its corresponding details will be displayed on the display terminal. Once all the items are scanned onto the system, the total amount to be paid will be displayed on the terminal. Once payment is done and balance is given to the customer, the same process will be started for another customer.

Cash register allows the entire transaction to take place in a sequence which saves a lot of time of both the customer and the clerk. 

Cash registers also store the inventory of each item purchased which print the record at the end of the day. This record shows the actual information on how much stock of a particular item is left at the store. This helps the business operator in making provision of the most saleable items.

Cash Registers are the most important parts of a Point of sale System. We provide cash registers from top most brands at an affordable price. Call us at 099508900 to order now.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Wide varieties of Receipt Printers at POS Central | New Zealand

 Many devices that are used in the environment of a point of sale system are Cash Registers, Cash Drawers, Barcode Scanners, Receipt Printers etc. every device is unique in its application.  A cash register is like a computer monitor which is attached to a cash drawer. This drawer is made of strong metal and has many compartments and sections in it. These sections are used to keep currency notes and coins. A particular section is used for notes and a particular slot is used to keep coins it. Apart from cash, a drawer also has the option to keep cheques and receipt in it. A particular section is provided for the same. This cash register along with cash drawer is connected with a barcode scanner and a receipt printer. This receipt printer is very useful and important as it gives the proof of transaction.
POS Central has advertised special receipt printers on which some special discount is offered by them. Posiflex PFPP8000, Citizen CIF2000E, Epson TM U230, Samsung Bixolon are some receipt printers that are offered at a discounted rate at POS Central.
A dot matrix is much needed in a POS system where speed matters the most.  This printer provides super-fast speed and is very effective in handling printing papers. The shipping of dot matrix printers of big brands like Citizen, Bixolon, Samsung, and Epson are done in the fastest mode by POS Central in New Zealand .
A wireless or mobile printer is a new age receipt printer. These printers are very handy, compact and lightweight. It is best suited for Mobile Payment applications and Mobile Ticketing. It has durable battery backup. It is best applied to print coupons and tickets. POS Central has a collection of Bixolon, Custom My Printer, Epson, and Star brand of the mobile receipt printer.
Kiosks printers are widely installed at movie theatres where people can themselves take print out of movie tickets. As the name suggest this receipt are installed at the various kiosk. Citizen and Custom are some brands that in the manufacturing of Kiosk printers and these brands are available at POS Central.
Many famous brands of thermal Receipt printers are available at POS Central in New Zealand. 
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