Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Real-Time Receipt Processing With Point of sale System

Receipt printers form an indispensable part of modern day business operations, it is especially important for point of sale business transactions. Be it printing credit card slips, kitchen orders or sales receipts these printers process receipts in real-time.  Commonly used categories of printers are thermal/inkjet/ impact printers.  These are a few considerations you should make before investing in a receipt printer are as follows-

•    Printer resolutions.
•    Printer Speed.
•    What does it use tear bar/ auto-cutter?
•    Connection interface- Parallel, USB, RS-232 serial.
•    Compatibility with POS software.  
•    Ease of changing paper rolls.
•    Is it backed by energy saving technology?
•    Compatibility with the cash drawer.

Types of Receipt Printers

In any retail environment, these receipt printers come in very handy. These are the commonly used printers -

Thermal Printers
It essentially uses heat to print images on the paper. Their images dry quickly as the printing head creates images in milliseconds. Since it prints with heat there is no additional cost involved for purchasing cartridges or ribbons. These printers process long-lasting images resistant to UV rays.

Impact Printers
Also known as dot-matrix printers these printers are low-cost and they print carbon copies. These receipt printers are more resistant to heat, cold, dust and they are highly reliable. The barcode printing ability of these printers remains unmatched by laser and injects. It is ideal for printing heat-sensitive labels and for processing condensed printing applications.  Since it prints with a continuous scroll paper it is well-suited for data-logging as well.

Inkjet Printers
By means of propelling droplets on the paper, plastic, substrates this printer creates digital images. Powered by higher resolution they print finer images. The cost per page is lower and they warm up in no time as compared to dye sublimation or laser printing. Modern inkjet printers can potentially print at very high-speed and work on an array of industrial applications like signage, ceramics, and textile. Inkjet printers are popular on account of their light weight and their unassertive desktop footprint.

Improved Operational efficiency
With receipt printers, you can better keep a transaction over your business dealings. The automated e-copies process proper point of sale documentation. With the use of the back of these receipts promotional deals can also be effectively advertised. Make business operations more customer focused and agile with these receipt printers.

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